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Printables in PowerPoint

Creating party printables in Powerpoint by Lovelytocu

This tutorial will walk you through the creation of a party printable banner using one of my handy templates. It's quick and easy to do using PowerPoint. I've chosen to show this in PP simply because so many of my customers only have access to or knowledge of Microsoft software and PP has some really handy image editing tools.

In order to get started you will need a window cutout banner template and a digital paper background.

Before we begin I have a little note regarding PowerPoint versions: I'm using Office 360 for Mac.

Your version of PP may look a tiny bit different and menu options or icons may be arranged in a different order, but every version of PP has most of the same features so don't panic if you can't find the button I point to here. Simply do a Google search for that action specifically for your PP version.

As you go through the tutorial if you need to see a zoomed in view of the images just click them and they'll open in a new window in larger size!

Let's begin.

Step 1 - Open PP with a blank document. It should like my example below.

Step 2 - Before we can start designing we need to get our page setup correctly. Go to the Design tab and click the Slide Size button.

Step 3 - You'll get a drop down menu, chose Page Setup.

Step 4 - In the Page Setup dialogue box chose your paper size and select portrait orientation as indicated in the illustration below. Click OK and your page canvas should change as desired.

Be mindful of your actual page size when doing this, I found my PP version to be a bit off when I selected Letter Size and had to adjust the dimensions in cm in the dialogue box. Spending that extra moment to ensure the page is setup right saves some frustration later!

Tips: If you want to work with a different paper size simply choose your dimensions in the same way. If you want to keep landscape instead of changing to portrait don't click anything in the orientation section.

Step 5 - One final thing remains to prepare your canvas ready for designing. Clear all the default placeholder elements on the page.

To do this just click on the bounding box and press delete. You should end up wth a completely blank page.

Step 6 - We're going to begin our design by adding a background. Right click on the canvas and choose Format Background from the popup menu.

Step 7 - I want to add a pattern background for my tutorial example but feel free to play around with the options presented in the Format Background menu.

I've highlighted which options I chose to get the background as displayed. The Insert picture from File button allowed me to choose my own background image which I then adjusted until I was happy with it.

The Scale X and Scale Y need to be equal or your background design with be distorted. You can size down as much as you want but scaling up with cause blurriness or pixelation.

Step 8 - Once you are happy with your background (you can always make adjustments later) it's time to add your template. Go to the Picture button and select Picture from File. In the popup box select your template from wherever it has been saved on your computer.

Tips: I like to prepare for the design process by putting the files I'll need right on my desktop so they are easy to find and I don't accidentally select the wrong one while designing.

Step 9 - Your template should open up exactly fitting to your page. If it doesn't you CAN adjust it it to fit, just bear in mind that you may be changing or distorting the sizing, so if you are designing something that needs specific dimensions don't resize the template.

And just like that you have a banner shape all ready to add your design to!

Step 10 - We're going to create a simple letter banner. So the first thing I want to do now is put a white circle inside my template.

On the Home tab go to Shapes. When you click this button a menu panel opens with a whole bunch of shape options.

Select circle and then drag your cursor across the template while holding down the shift key to draw a perfect circle. For a less perfect circle don't use the shift key.

Step 11 - Once your circle is drawn you can resize or move it into place exactly you want. Click on a corner to resize, always holding the shift key as you do to keep it a perfect circle. Click the bounding box to select it for moving.

Step 12 - Obviously we don't want a blue circle, so make sure the circle is selected and click on the shape fill tool to change the color.

Step 13 - Do the same again for the stroke. I changed both here to white.

Tips: There are a lot of options that you can choose from in this menu including gradients or even adding a picture or pattern in your shape. So many design possibilities!

Step 14 - Next up I'm going to add a letter inside the circle. I'll do this by fist selecting the Text tool and drawing a box on the page. You'll see a cursor inside the text box, just type a letter (or word) and then highlight it ready to edit as desired.

Using the text edit options I changed the font to something I liked and then set the size. The default size choices in the drop down menu weren't large enough so I just typed my own size in the font size box, playing around with it until I was happy (click inside the box, deleting the number that is there, type your own number and press enter).

Of course I also needed to change the color and I wanted a specific shade to match the background. In the More Colors option you can click an eyedropper tool that allows you to sample any color on the canvas. I did that to get the darker shade of pink from the polka dots. Super easy and takes no time at all to do.

Step 15 - Things are looking pretty good and I could stop here if I wanted to. But I think I want to add a final touch to my circle shape. I'll add an outline inside the main circle.

First I need to select the circle and copy it, then paste it so I have two circles. You can do this from the main Edit menu as shown. Just copy and then paste. Now you have two circles.

Step 16 - To edit the second circle I go back to the Shape Outline button and change the weight and color of the stroke, using the pink tone from my letter.

Step 17 - As with the first circle I resize it and move it into place until I'm happy with the result. Just one problem, the second circle is sitting over top of my letter B so we need to fix that.

Find the Arrange button and from the menu options choose Send Backward (do not use Send to Back as this sends the layer to the very back underneath everything else). We just want to send this shape back one step.

Step 18 - Our design is done and looking good. Use this opportunity to test print the design to make sure everything looks and works exactly as you want.

Maybe it turns out you want to move the circles and letter down a bit. Just select each layer by clicking each one while holding the shift key down. Then you can move everything together.

Once you are absolutely happy with the design you can duplicate the page for each additional letter that you need and be able to print in one go.

To do that click the page preview in the left pane to select it. Right above that is a little page icon, as noted on the illustration below. Click this and you have the option to Duplicate the page. A second page is created exactly as the first and all you have to do is change the letter (or any other elements).

Keep going until you have everything you need. Then just print and cut!

And that's it. A super easy to do banner for your party.

Use these same instructions for any other type of party printable. Explore the menu options for the different editing functions and get creative. PowerPoint has lots of editing options and once you get the feel for how things work it's pretty easy to navigate.

If you ever get stuck trying to figure something out, just do a quick Google search for the function you are trying to use, there are millions of quick Powerpoint instructions online and it is so much faster to look it up than looking through all the menus for that hidden button you need.

If this tutorial was helpful let me know! I'd love to hear about your projects.

Happy crafting,

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