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Creating Color Palettes

20 Color Inspiration Sites for creating color palettes by Lovelytocu

Creating the perfect color palette from scratch can be an exhausting and time consuming process, not to mention bouts of indecision on selecting just the right shade to work with.

Thankfully there are an abundance of color tools and inspiration sites out there to choose from to cover every aspect of building the perfect palette for your project.

Here are my top favs:

1. Designs Seeds - undoubtedly one of the most well known color palette blogs out there and a perennially favorite

2. Color Me Curious - a color palette blog, grid style, with some interesting search features

3. Color Hunt - scroll endlessly through a variety of palettes, or get them straight to your inbox daily

4. BrandColors - this site offers the color palettes of a variety of popular brands

5. LOL Colors - a fun site with a small selection of color palette inspiration

6. Colorful Gradients - an interesting Tumblr blog with playful color inspiration

7. ColorDrop - a simple color palette site, easy to use and navigate

8. Coolers - super fast and fun color palette generator

9. Paletton - a color palette generator with loads of options for choosing just the right shades

10. Cohesive Colors - this palette generator uses an overlay color to help unify your palette tones

11. Color Thief - drag in a photo, get a palette instantly

12. Hello Color - find great contrast options between two colors

13. Adobe Color CC - color palette wheel and tools to help you create your own palette

14. Name that Color - need to name your colors? this site offers up names for every hex code imaginable

15. Color Explorer - a toolbox of options to create, manage and evaluate palettes

16. Hex Color Tool - color palette inspiration and generator tool

17. Color Palette Generator - a photo tool from Canva, upload any image to get your palette

18. Pinterest Color Palette Board - for inspiration, one of my favourite color palette boards

19. Photocopa - a photo color palette generator used by designers, it gives you more than just one palette from your source image and the ability to tailor it very specifically

20. ColorMunki - a palette tool that lets you use Pantone swatches to manually build your palette

Happy Designing!


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