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20 Sewing Logos Under $30

Finding an affordable logo for your new handmade sewing business

Below you'll find a small selection of pre-made logo creations specifically designed for the handmade sewing crafter, all for less than $30 each.

Commissioning a unique logo for your new handmade business can be a big investment when you are just starting out and is often quite prohibitive to those who might be operating on a shoestring budget. Afterall, professional logo designers can often charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

But while it's helpful to have a logo for your handmade business right from day one, you don't necessarily need to spend lots of money to get there.

Having a logo establishes who you are as a business, it reveals your identity and sets you apart from your competition and most importantly it helps you advertise your products.

Brand new business startups, especially those in the solopreneur craft market industry, often go through an initial identity evolution. So it doesn't always make sense to put a lot of time and money into perfecting your branding right away. It can be far more important to focus more on the product, sales, and general marketing so that you actually get your business up and running.

Of course, you'll still want your business to look good, to adequately represent who you are, and have a polished professional look.

Enter the pre-made logo. These are logos that are already designed with only the addition of your own business name and/or tagline to be inserted. Some are sold more than once and others are sold only one time; so it varies as to whether or not the logo is truly unique, but with so many to choose from at such a great price point it is a very viable approach to choosing a logo for your startup craft business.

The following is a roundup of 20 picks for sewing specific logos:

Find the above logos at these Etsy shops:
1. Cicada Street Designs
2. Really Really Useful
3. Jupiter Street Designs
4. Jupiter Street Designs
5. Karnoug
6. The Paper Girl Co
7. Naty Studio
8. Esani
9. Yellow Wellies Designs
10. Little Bird BB
11. Ciccone Design
12. Freckled And Fair
13. Fresh Lavender Designs
14. Jupiter Street Designs
15. The Paper Girl Co
16. Autumn Lane Paperie
17. Canvas 11
18. Melime Design Studio
19. Papelvivo Design
20. Stelaris Design

Find even more logos like this at various price points when you shop on Etsy.

Happy crafting!

*This page may contain affiliate links to products or services that I personally recommend. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

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