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Free Banking in Canada

Free banking services in Canada

When I first opened my Etsy shop I was living in the UK. A country that enjoys fee-free banking on all accounts. ALL accounts!

So I wasn't used to having to pay for my banking services and was able to have multiple accounts for personal, business, and savings, all for free.

Fast forward a few years and I'm moving back to Canada, getting settled in and transitioning any of my online business functions that are region specific (you know, for taxes and stuff).

Much to my dismay, banking in Canada costs money. And it ain't cheap. For a small business where every dollar counts, banking fees feel like I'm throwing money away. Yet it's recommended by tax professionals to keep your business income separate, which means two bank accounts, and TWO monthly fees.

Luckily I eventually found a solution that works nicely for me and our household. We chose to do our personal banking with Scotia Bank. I find them fairly reasonable and easy to deal with and the service in their branches has been fantastic.

What's really great though is that Scotia Bank owns an online banking system called Tangerine. And accounts at Tangerine are all fee-free. Yay! You can link your Scotia account for easy transfers and use any of their bank machines for free as well.

Now there are limitations to using a free online service. So I don't use this for my everyday personal needs. For me, it's purely a business and savings account option, where I earn interest, but don't pay fees. I love not paying fees! And after two years, I'm extremely pleased with the Tangerine service.

I'm sharing this because when I first set up my business banking I had no idea there were free options, let alone good quality ones. So I'm happy to pass along the info and offer a recommendation based on personal experience.

But there's one more really awesome feature about Tangerine. They pay YOU to open an account.

If you use their publicly available keycode to sign up you'll get $25 to open an account.
If you use MY personal keycode, you get $50. (with $100 first deposit)

Use this keycode if you want free banking and $50. I mean really, who doesn't want $50.


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