Blog Topic Ideas for Etsy sellers

Blog Topic Ideas for Etsy sellers


In my previous post, “4 Easy Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop”, I suggested that blogging was one of the best ways to market your shop and products. But many sellers feel that blogging is either too complicated, takes up too much time or they have no idea what to even blog about.

Having a blog for your Etsy shop though can help with SEO, getting found in Google search, and it can increase your sales dramatically. This means that you could earn more money from your shop, and also earn money from your blog!

So if you are looking to expand your shop’s marketing reach, a blog is an awesome tool to have. Just remember that adding content regularly is really important so commitment is required.

A mix of business and shop related posts with a mix of some fun and personal posts is a great approach.

Here’s my list of 35 blog post ideas for Etsy sellers:

1. Behind the scenes peek at your studio, workshop or personal abode
2. Where you find your inspiration
3. The process you use for making your products
4. Benefits of your product, aka, why buy
5. New items you’re working on
6. How to care for or use your product correctly
7. Poll readers for ideas on upcoming products
8. Personal stories, things that are happening in your life
9. Giveaways or contests
10. Sales, promotions or events
11. Product launch announcement
12. Seasonal posts, think Christmas greetings
13. List of your own fav Etsy sellers
14. Share a good book recommendation
15. A fun personal craft project you’re working on
16. Tips for staying organized
17. Your fav foods or recipes
18. Milestone events in your business or personal life
19. Dollar or thrift store finds you recently purchased
20. How to post - tutorial for something you know how to do
21. Things you can’t live without
22. Facts about me list
23. A day in the life of you
24. Best places to find _____ (fill in the blank)
25. Best/worst advice you ever received
26. Roundup lists on any topic related to your industry
27. Your favorite playlist
28. Host or participate in a challenge
29. Inspirational quote image
30. Gift guides
31. Summer bucket list
32. About your hometown or where you live
33. Talk about kids or pets
34. Review a product, place or service
35. Share a podcast you’re listening to

This list just gets you started. Jot down any other ideas that came to mind as you read this! Or share your ideas in the comments below!


And while you’ll want to keep your blog focused on your shop and product niche, don’t be afraid to get a bit personal or talk about things your customers can probably relate to.


Happy Blogging!




Blog Topic Ideas for Etsy sellers

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