Design Project: Halloween Avatar


In today's graphic design project I'll be mixing my own artwork with a few cute elements from Pretty Grafik to create three super cute avatar options that you can easily replicate or take inspiration from.


The resources used for this project can be found here:


1. My Kalina avatar set - I used the black haired hazel eyed option for a more halloweenie theme but you have lots of options here

2. Lime and Black glitter frame set with banners - I chose three frame options and one of the matching banners in the perfect color combo

3. My Halloween accessory clip art pack - spider glasses and the candy corn necklace added a nice touch

4. Halloween Cocktails clip art set from Pretty Grafik for the cocktails, bats and eyeballs

5. The font is Nosifer, free from Dafont




These are created simply by layering each element on top of one another. To clean up the avatar I just used the eraser tool to quickly eliminate any overhang at the bottom so that you only have it within the frame.

Then just save and you're ready to share!

Happy designing

please note :: I often recommend resources, some I receive an affiliate commission for at no additional cost to you! check out my policies here.

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