Design Project: Recipe Card


This month's design project is a social post recipe card, just in time for Thanksgiving, but this idea works year round just by changing up the theme.


The resources used for this project can be found here:


1. My Indigo baker set - I used the medium brunette with hazel eyes here

2. My pie series clipart set - I used the pumpkin pie slice on a plate

3. Line and graph paper - I added the graph paper to the recipe card

4. Free paper set - You'll find this right here on my blog!

5. The fonts used are: title - Caroline + recipe - Gorgeous Skywalk



Using the polka dot pattern as my canvas, I drew a rectangle and applied pattern overlay with the grid paper. The just layer the clip art in, add some drop shadows and the text and save!

Happy designing!

please note :: I often recommend resources, some I receive an affiliate commission for at no additional cost to you! check out my policies here.


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