Design Project: Peace for Ukraine


It seems only fitting that my design project this week offered a token of prayer for the Ukrainian people.


To pull together this support for peace avatar I used the following:

1. The girl is one of my older graphics, now archived for sale at Design Bundles, she's actually part of a yoga set but I like the calm peaceful expression for this.


2. I overlapped a Christmas poncho and adjusted the hue sliders in photoshop to quickly covert to blue.


3. I happened to have some watercolor sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine, as an added touch.


4. These elements were added to a circle with a drop shadow using a clipping mask and then a peace banner drawn on top. (in english and ukrainian)

5. The background is simply two rectangles to form the Ukrainian flag, blue above yellow.


6. I opted to add a subtle heart pattern overlay on the flag, for texture and sentiment.

Happy designing,

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