How to take a screenshot on a desktop computer

How to take a screenshot on a desktop computer,

Now and again you might find yourself needing to grab a screenshot from your computer, whether it's because of a tech issue you need help with or something you just need to share.

Luckily both PC and Mac come with built in tools to assist and make this a super easy and quick task.

Let's start with the PC. There are actually quite a few different ways to accomplish a screenshot on a PC, but by far the easiest, imo, is the following method.

To create and save the screenshot, just tap the Windows key + Print Screen key at the same time.  The screenshot will then be saved to your Pictures > Screenshots folder.

And it's just as easy as that. Should you really not want to share the entire picture you just snapped, you can quickly crop out the parts you want to hide, or you can use one of the tools or methods listed in this handy article that covers all the ways to screen grab.

Here's a keyboard pic showing where the Windows and Print Screen keys are:

So let's cover the Mac desktop now. My favorite tool that I use all.the.time is the Screenshot application. You'll find this in Finder > Applications > Utilities. I drag it to the dock so it's always handy because I use it so often.

Just click the program to open it, then position and size the box you get on your screen to fit what you're capturing and click 'Capture'. The image will then be automatically saved to your desktop.

Mac also has a few other methods to do a screenshot such as keyboard shortcuts, but I much prefer the tool and find it faster and easier to use.

Need help with screenshots on other devices? Find all the other instructions here from CNET.

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