Free Watercolor Stickers - Set 2


Following on from yesterday's post I have another small set of AI generated stickers, this time of adorable pastel owls. Again, these are not perfection but cute enough I think to be passable just for fun.

The lower right owl is nearly spot on as a result for a prompt I copied from another user in Mid-Journey (if you don't know, prompt copying is encouraged, it's not a bad thing). But the same prompt produced the other three stickers as well so consistency is a crap shoot.

I'm not posting them here but these are the best from about 30 options I produced. Those odds aren't really that great and shows how much time you need to spend generating images and experimenting with prompts. A fellow creator very experienced in AI has said that once you get your prompts down you should have closer to a 75% success rate. Clearly I have some way to go!


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