Free Watercolor Stickers - Set 1



This week I'm offering a couple of sticker sets (this is set 1, come back tomorrow for set 2) that I made using Mid-Journey. These were some of the first creations I made as I learned how to navigate this program - which I thought would be a fun exercise. Mostly it was frustrating. But maybe I just need the secret prompts that produce masterpieces. idk.


Sometimes, AI just isn't all that good. While these look super cute (and I do love them anyway) they are not perfect. There are all types of little oddities if you look close, because a computer simply doesn't understand painting, it replicates in a weird way that just isn't the human hand.


But I offer these as a freebie because they're pretty and fun nonetheless. And I edited them to make them look better ;)




Because people who aren't using AI art generation rarely see the flip side, I've put together a bunch of rejects so you can see just what a struggle it is! Look close, there's all kindsa wrong going on here!


The animal prompts were: possum, squirrel, raccoon and fox. The computer def doesn't know what a possum is. Then again, many humans don't know either.

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