My Thoughts on AI - April 2023


I've been playing around with AI generative art for a few months now and so far I have experimented with Stable Diffusion, Dalle-E and Mid-Journey. The conversation about AI has exploded recently and it feels like it's just everywhere. New AI tools are popping up weekly and predictions are being made that AI will eventually run everything we do online.


But where are we really at, as things stand right now? There are legal and ethical considerations looming but regardless of those outcomes or any pending regulation, AI is here to stay, on that pretty much everyone agrees. So I'm not going to get into either of those topics here. Instead, I want to address some of the fears that digital artists are feeling at being 'replaced'.


I'm by no means an expert and still relatively green at making AI art, but I have easily spotted the fact that AI generators simply can't do everything, and a lot of what it does is riddled with mistakes. The kinds of mistakes that a human wouldn't do.


Yes, AI art will get better. It already has. But I don't believe you can replicate the human mind, the human experience, or human emotion. And a lot of that is the whole point behind art in the first place.


I know, just by looking at history, that there will always be value in human made art. That some techniques may become endangered, but that there will always be those who keep certain skills and methods going. That we have this tendency to eventually revert back to 'old' ways be it for nostalgia or fashion.


In the short term, artists of all types will continue to have value and earning potential. Certain job roles may disappear but old skills will likely be needed in new ways. As I said, AI can't yet do everything, and I'm not sure it's possible it ever will. But who knows...


All that being said, as a creative maker myself, I am intrigued by AI and it's possibilities. Can I outsource tasks I don't like doing to a computer? That would be very cool. Can I use AI as an assistant to brainstorm ideas? Yes, yes I can as it turns out. Also very cool since I work alone and sometimes my one brain is just not enough. The possibilities are actually quite exciting.

What I'll be doing this year is to continue experimenting. Using AI where it makes sense to do so right now but learning skills that will likely be needed down the road. I will try to be transparent about how I use this where it makes sense to do so.

For fun, I asked ChatGPT the following and got this response:


What is the value in human made art?

"Human-made art has immense value and significance for both the artists who create it and the viewers who appreciate it. Art is a form of human expression that allows individuals to communicate their emotions, experiences, ideas, and perspectives in a way that transcends language and cultural barriers.

Art can serve various purposes, such as providing aesthetic pleasure, challenging societal norms and beliefs, documenting historical events, expressing political and social commentary, and promoting cultural identity and diversity.

Moreover, art has been shown to have therapeutic benefits, both for the artist and the viewer. It can help individuals to process and cope with difficult emotions, reduce stress, and enhance well-being and self-awareness.

Finally, art also holds significant economic value. The art market is a multi-billion dollar industry that provides jobs and livelihoods for many people worldwide.

In summary, human-made art has tremendous value in terms of cultural, emotional, and economic significance. It serves as a powerful medium of communication, expression, and interpretation of the human experience."


Well then. How's that for an answer?! 

Even though I will definitely be adding AI generated art into my Etsy shop and utilizing it within my own creations there are many things I will still be making on my own - mostly because I have to, AI simply can't do it for me yet. But one day and many improvements later, if I get exceptionally lazy, who knows.

I can say with some assurance though that human made art will always adorn the walls of my home - because the human experience cannot be replaced.

What are your thoughts on AI? Have you tried it, and if so, what have you learned from it? I'd love to hear from you.



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