Sometimes AI Doesn't Know What It's Doing


AI art image gone wrong


This picture isn't right. It's fascinating and beautiful but it's all wrong. I asked the AI for a painting of a woman sitting in chair, holding flowers, with a birdcage next to her, in the cage is a yellow bird.

But the AI ( I really want to call her Mrs Davis) doesn't like to be told what to do. It's a computer program that loves randomness. And it has a hard time with context... and apparently human anatomy.

For anyone thinking this AI art business is an easy lark... HA. A lot of the time it's an exercise in arguing with a computer program. I tried to get the image I wanted a good half dozen times and then gave up because I just don't have enough patience for this. If you have the patience and the time and you spend all day nerding out over all the best text prompts then sure, you could probably win this argument.

It does do some amazing stuff though and it's fabulously good fun to tinker with. As you'll see on my blog right now I'm generating some fun graphics and creating collections which I'm then offering as free content. And I just know at some point someone will ask 'can i get this girl in a different pose/outfit?'

Oh I wish! Not yet I'm afraid. My own skills with this are in beginner mode and the AI isn't there yet either. For now, I'm tinkering with a whole lot of randomness. And quirky mistakes.

I saved these two good ones just to show how AI loves to add extra legs. It does this to animals too.

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