How to Spot AI generated clipart



Etsy in particular has been inundated with AI generated clipart over the past 6 months and in terms of quality some of it is good, some of it not so good. Most of it is also not labelled as AI making it hard for discerning buyers to navigate search results when looking for graphics.


I've come across quite a few shoppers who not at all interested in buying AI art of any kind and others who maybe want to just be transparent about it. So how can you tell if something is human made or AI made? What do you look for? 


Well, I have a few tips for you to help you out with that! These examples are all products available on Etsy right now.

1. Look at the quantity of clipart pieces being offered.


A lot of highly detailed quality looking graphics at a really low price is usually going to be an indicator that it's AI generated. This may not always be the case so you might look closely at the details but most AI art sellers are packaging a high volume of items together that go beyond what the clipart market has traditionally seen from the human made equivalent.


2. Really bad cutouts or weird backgrounds.


Because AI art generation doesn't yet offer transparent backgrounds, getting a clean clipart cutout from a background can be a lot of work or just really difficult. Human artists don't have the same issue because digital art can be created on a transparent background and scanned art usually has a solid white paper background that is reasonably easy to remove. Even with the use of background removing tools many sellers simply aren't bothering to get a quality look, so it's easy to spot an AI generated image.

3. The curse of the hands.

AI art programs are still really bad at drawing hands and a few other details as well like eyes, feet, paws or delicate and intricate detailing. Zoom in on key parts of the image to see up close what these details look like and you can very often spot mistakes that a human simply wouldn't make.



4. Funky details that haven't been corrected.

Some sellers seem to have a pretty low threshold for details, as shown in the examples here. These letters have a variety of problems, from a poor cutout job (probably badly automated) to weird stray elements, poor spacing and lack of symmetry and bizarre details that are just not human typical choices.

5. Hiding under glossy quality.

The graphics that AI is putting out right now are truly amazing in quality. And if you're ok with the idea of AI generated art these types of images are very captivating. But the tell-tale signs of AI generation are still lurking in the tiny details and it's not too difficult to spot. Humans drawing at this level of detail tend to get the tiniest detail very accurate so all you have to do is look for mistakes to tell if these are legit or AI. In this example you have a selection of beautiful female graphics that look amazing, but in the close-up details you can see where things are just a tiny bit wrong, and that's the additional giveaway.

And there you go! Five quick examples of what to look for when trying to figure out if something was generated by AI. 

Want more like this? Let me know in the comments!

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